Thailand Visa is required for most foreign nationalities to travel and stay in Thailand for more than 30 days. There are several types of visa to enter Thailand for foreigner. The most common visa types for business, investment or work purpose is Non-Immigrant Visa.

Foreigners looking for a prolonged stay or for the purpose of work or investing in Thailand may apply for non-immigrant visa. A non-immigrant visa is benefit you to obtain a work permit and opening a bank account. A non- immigrant visa is allowed foreigner to stay in Thailand up to 90 days and may be extended up to one year.


If you intend to stay in Thailand for more than just the normal tourist visit, the 90-Day Visa is the best option for you.


Whether you want to visit and stay with a family, perform duties for the state enterprise or social welfare organizations, or for other purposes not fitted with other visa categories, you can apply for a 1-Year Thai Visa to travel inside the country all year.

Business Visa

Working or opening a business in Thailand requires a Thai Business Visa which is best applied for before coming to Thailand.

Married Visa

If you are married to a Thai national, you can apply for a Thai Marriage Visa. This visa allows you to stay and live in the Kingdom with your Thai spouse, with terms of initial 3 months period and 1 year visa stay.

Retirement Visa

Thai Retirement Visa is issued to applicants who are 50 years of age or over with the intention to retire in Thailand.

Education Visa

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All foreigner intended to work in Thailand must apply for a work permit prior to working in Thailand.

Thai Work Permit is issued to an individual based on the company and a specific position within that company. Foreigner holding a work permit is not allowed to work outside of designated company position.


This visa basically means that investors can pay 500,000 THB and get a 5-year visa into Thailand or 2M and get 20-year visa.